Oxford Vacmedix completes Series A financing

Oxford Vacmedix UK Limited (OVM) has completed its Series A financing round of $12.5m (£9m).

Oxford Vacmedix UK Limited (OVM), a UK-based biopharma company focused on the development of cancer vaccines, has completed its Series A financing round of $12.5m (£9m) with a consortium of South Korean and Chinese investors, including Cancer ROP, a leading South Korean healthcare institution listed in KOSDAQ.

The financing round represents the first time that a UK cancer vaccines company has been financed by both South Korean and Chinese investors.

OVM will use the funds to complete preclinical development and to enter Phase 1 clinical trials with its two lead vaccines, OVM-100 and OVM-200, focusing on unmet clinical need. OVM-100 is an HPV vaccine targeted at cervical cancer, and OVM-200 represents a new type of vaccine utilising survivin to target solid tumours.

Both vaccines will be developed as single agents and in combination with immune-oncology agents.

The company will also continue to develop its diagnostic kits for cellular immunity.